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 Martha of Le-Cotonneu     Mario af Le-Cotonneu 





Pedigree for Mario af Le-Cotonneu



CH Chantilylace Scooby Doo Of Le-Cotonneu


GC. Chantilylace That's My Perogative


Ch. Aftabi California Gold of Kelsha , DM.

GC,,GP,BW,RW Chantilylace Yada Yada Yada


CH. Chantilylace Watch Me Now


CH. Sandrine Every Which Way


GC Fancy FX Chynna Of Chantilylace

Tombrock's Aisha

Dasiman Black Star of Tombrock


Tombrock Forever


Tombrock's Demi Moore of Dasiman


Antea of Tombrock


Summermajik Obelix of Tombrock


Kitclass Starfire